Engaging Customers. Driving Sales.

We provide marketers with insightful guidance on the use of analytics, technology and strategy to effectively acquire, convert and retain customers.

Analegy helps marketers use analytics, technology and strategy to more effectively get, convert and keep customers. We bring a passion for marketing, technology and data analytics that allows us to deliver exceptional insights and strategies.

Measurement First

It’s easy to implement digital tools but how do you measure success? We prioritize measurability in everything we do because we believe our clients win when their successes are clearly demonstrable.

Driving Sales

Marketplace challenges have made marketers’ jobs more difficult. We deliver analytics insights, marketing technologies solutions and innovative strategies that can change the playing field.

Elevating Engagement

Better customer experiences lead to better engagement. We put your customers’ needs at the center of our approach. The result: solutions that make engagement easier across the customer life cycle.

From increasing market share to retaining the customers you already have, marketers face serious challenges. We help you meet those challenges by using an insights-driven approach that relies on data, technology and innovative strategies.

“Strategy is a style of thinking, a conscious and deliberate process, an intensive implementation system, the science of ensuring future success.”

Pete Johnson

Marketing Analytics

We advise our clients on using data to optimize their marketing efforts. You likely have lots of cross-channel data about your customers but how valuable is it if it’s not used?

Our experienced team can help you better organize and manage the data you have, draw insights about your customers and advise you on using predictive analytics techniques to make informed decisions.

Digital Technology

Sometimes moving forward requires taking a step back. We provide you with insights that ensure you use technology as a tool for achieving your goals.

We offer expertise in marketing technology planning, digital transformation, digital technology strategy (including digital transformation, IoT, and data analytics) and project management. Our experts are experienced at using agile processes to spur innovation and build robust digital platforms.

Experience Strategy

Where do you want to go? Answering that question effectively requires understanding your customers and building a customer-focused plan for reaching them.

Our team works with you to use techniques like personas and customer journey maps to build a more insightful view of your customers. Those insights inform the way forward and ultimately lead to strategies that redefine the customer experience and drive growth.

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

Mark Twain

Why Analegy


We’ve worked with companies across multiple industry verticals delivering marketing-focused solutions that achieve great results.


Procurement may see us as a vendor. Our goal is to be more than that. We strive to be a frank partner for our clients so we can jointly develop solutions that enable your success.

Customer-First Thinking

We believe the goal is providing your customers with great digital experiences. Regardless of the technologies used or the strategies implemented, your customers deserve experiences that make it easier for them to engage your brand. We help ensure that happens.


We speak your language. Marketing? Check. Business? Check? Technology? Check. An ability to discuss marketing strategy with marketers and technology strategy with technologists allows us to communicate between groups – reducing risks and increasing collaboration.


Analegy is a small consulting company. Every client is critical to us. We respond to your needs quickly and with the resources needed to address your challenges.

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